Our 2nd-6th grade RE class is a very magical place to be! This class must have collectively had a bit of Felix Felicis to keep the good times going with the return of the three teachers from last year. The teachers are Lisa Nathan, Conar Rochford and Billy Welburn. This class is a welcoming place for all, including squibs, to learn and put into practice what UU’s do! It is never too late to transfer in, get sorted to find one’s house, so to speak.

Dumbledore’s Army (AKA the Middle Class) will continue our RE year with Hogwarts as our backdrop for discussing the 7 Principles. The issues, or Horcruxes, that we will be addressing this year include, sickness, animal cruelty, and the environment. With the sickness Horcrux, we will discuss what we can do to help fight childhood illnesses, particularly cancers, by learning about the Ronald McDonald House and making soup to help raise money to donate to them. For the animal cruelty Horcrux, we will talk about being responsible pet owners, what we can do to help the animal shelters in our area, and making ethical eating choices.  And finally, for the environmental Horcrux, we will discuss some of the most pressing environmental issues today such as climate change, conservation, and recycling. The kids really seemed to enjoy the Harry Potter curriculum we used last year and are super excited to continue with it this year as well. If you have any questions on how you could get involved, just holler at us.


Conar, Lisa, and Billy