The 7th-12th grade class, aka the Teen class, is one really cool place to be. This class has two returning teachers and a new teacher. Returning teachers are Robert Zabawa and Shawn Jacobsen with Natalia Ruiz-Junco joining them this year. There is proof each Sunday that this class is the place to be, if you are a UU teen. There is fun to be had, tasty snacks to be eaten and UU understandings to be discovered. The leaders are hip and the cohorts are interesting.

The teens will be working from the book, “Truth and Meaning, Questions about the Western Religious Heritage of Unitarian Universalism”

We will
1)      Discuss the beliefs and characteristics of the world’s major religions
2)      Discuss the place of major religions in the religious heritage of Unitarian Universalism
3)      Build on our cultural literacy for its own sake and to better communicate with friends and acquaintances from different religions