The Pre-K-1st grade classroom is a wonderful environment for our youngest UU’s. This year there are two returning Pre-K-1st teachers from last year and a previous Pre-K and Teen RE teacher joining them to work with these children. The teachers are Robin Russell, Andrew DeVelschow and Amy Phillips respectively. The classroom environment is one that honors the curiosity of the child, keeping them engaged in activities that allow them to be creative while learning the basics of our UU values.


This year, in addition to being flexible in order to meet the ever-evolving interests of this age group, we will be using a fabulous RE curriculum called The Rainbow Connection to teach our Seven UU Principles!  Each Principle corresponds with a color of the rainbow in order to help the children remember the Principle.  For example, Principle #1- Each Person Is Important (or for the big people- Inherent Worth and Dignity) is represented by the color red.  Red=Respect.  Principle #2- All People Should Be Treated Fairly and Kindly (Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations).  Orange=Offer Kindness and be Fair, etc. The curriculum provides 4 age-appropriate lessons for each Principle.  Each lesson includes a story to illustrate the message and also includes songs or activities to keep the littlest ones interested. With titles such as, “It’s Nice Not to Make Fun of Others,” and “Being Different is Okay,” “What Does Peace Feel Like,” and “We Can Make the World More Beautiful,” our littlest RE people are sure to be introduced to a wonderful way of being in this world.