Many Hands Make for a Successful Auction

AUUF had its most successful auction ever on December 1, 2017. Winning bids on donated items and benefactors who pledged to match winning bids brought in more than $13,000, all of which will go to support the programs and operations of the Fellowship in 2018.

Many members and friends contributed to this year’s success with their donations of auction items. Dinners and artwork, services and tchotchkes – all were essential to the final, eye-popping total.  Also essential were the efforts of those able and willing to step up to put on the actual event.

Behind the scenes, Laura Kloberg, Auction Committee Chair, devoted countless hours to the organizing of volunteers, the solicitation and collection of auction items, data entry into the on-line auction software, and photographing and cataloging auction items.

Darrell Crutchley, tech wiz, kept the webpage current with auction-related news, ran the auctria software, organized the live auction items and printed bid cards, created a slide show and video featurettes (new this year!), and pulled together a last minute effort to leverage auction bids with matching funds from benefactors (also a new idea, courtesy of Jennie Raymond and Carl Hudson).

Added to these major backstage contributions were the graphical talents and voice-of-experience wisdom of Terry Rodriguez, the furniture-moving muscle of Richard Speake and Fleming Blackburn, the hauling hustle and display artistry of Carolyn Levy and her aesthetics team, and the descriptive flare and catalog editing skills of Amy Kaiser and Ellen Abell. The result – an auction ready to roll when the doors opened at 6 p.m.

Once the stage was set, the on-stage team worked its magic.

  • Jerry McCreary greeted and guided auction attendees.
  • First-year auctioneer, Jey Koehler, ably filled Terry’s sizable, 24-year-old shoes, keeping the bidding going with her engaging style and repartee.
  • ”Vannas” Andrew DeVelschow and Hudson Koehler carried live auction items through the audience for closer inspection and Shawn Jacobsen manned the audiovisual system.
  • Spotters Peter Livant and Ralph Banks, recorders Darrell Crutchley and Tom Rigell, and an array of silent auction closers (Fleming Blackburn, Shawn Jacobsen, Laura Kloberg, Masha Kloberg, Cindy Reinke, and Robert Zabawa) helped connect  bids and bidders to the right items for the right amounts.
  • Kitty Frey, Cathy McVey, and Ellen Abell kept the good eats a-comin’, thanks to the many delicious contributions dropped off by AUUFers.
  • Greg Schmidt and Conar Rochford and their team made sure that donated libations continued to flow as the bids poured in.
  • Amy Kaiser and Kristen Starr registered participants and accomplished with aplomb the exacting tasks (made especially complicated this year by a computer glitch) associated with keeping track of the incoming income from winning bidders paying for their treasures.

Last, but not least, on the list of volunteers without whom this auction could not be carried out year after year were those who stayed after the bidders had left. Working to return the Fellowship sanctuary to its clean and tidy pre-auction appearance were Marcia Rossi and Larry Moore, Billye Welburn, Masha Kloberg, the kitchen crew, the bar crew, Robert Zabawa, Laura Kloberg, Ralph Banks, Richard Speake, Kirk Iversen,Ted McVey, and likely a few unnamed others who pitched in as needed.

Many thanks to all whose service to the 2017 AUUF auction continued a 25-year-old tradition of community fun and successful fundraising for the Fellowship!