“A Bridge to Abundance”

Thoughts about how we assure the wellbeing and of the AUUF community, for now and for the future. How can we cultivate an attitude of abundance?

“Everything is Art. Everything is Politics.”

Giving of the Plate—Potluck—Board Meeting Exploring this provocative quote from Chinese activist artist Ai Wei Wei: how has it come about that the arts are considered by some to be optional? What is art, anyway, and what role does it play in our lives?

“Shaping Celebration – Flower Communion”

We reflect on the purposes of ritual as we observe Easter with a Unitarian Universalist ceremony celebrating the AUUF community.

Music Service

Join us to hear the choir sing about Friends and Friendship. Sit back and enjoy the music-some oldies, some not-so-old. The choir loves to sing, and they love to be joined in this celebration of song!

The Men’s Service

Omen. Oh, men. Oh maaaaannnn!! Man o’ war. Manicotti. Mandalay. Delay. De lay of de land. Landed gentry. Gents try. Try try again. If at first you don’t succeed. Suck seeds. Nothing sucks seeds. Nothing succeeds like excess. Excess baggage. Baggage cart. Cartagena. Cart hay? Nah. Hay fever. Heinous crime. Heinous rhyme. Of the Ancient … Continued