Canvass Report

I want to first thank everyone who canvassed folks and especially thank our canvassees who, I believe, were as generous as they could be. I have canvassed over 25 people and got to know a little bit more about some of them and their situations. This is the fun part of the task, so thank you for sharing your time. 

While our Canvass has officially concluded, we still have a few members/friends to contact. So, still at this late March date we don’t have final numbers, but we will readjust our budget to reflect our current data. My fear is that we will need to cut many areas of importance. This is the least fun part of the task. 

Without adequate pledges we will need to all come up with some other types of fundraisers and given our current social distancing this may require some very creative brainstorming. Or we can accept to do without, which may be our new reality all across the nation. 

Please have some patience with our Finance Committee during this time, not everyone has easy access to ZOOM and some of us are tasked with extra duties at work. Also, if you have been canvassed and you anticipate that you will need to readjust your pledge due to loss of work hours or the loss of work please feel free to let me know how it needs to change. 

I would like to recommend that we push back our Annual Business Meeting into June or late June to accommodate the needed changes with all aspects of our AUUF business process. I welcome feedback on this suggestion. 

–Laura Kloberg, AUUF VP Finance