Religious Education
Community worship is an important component of our religious experiences. Our children participate in worship services every Sunday. Children join the congregation for the Chalice lighting, a song or two,”Joys and Concerns” and the offertory. After which there is a children’s story read or told by a member of the fellowship, following that there is a period of supervised free play while the service continues. This portion typically last 20-30 minutes. Religious Education (R.E.) classes for children are offered following the service. Classes are grouped by age and use age-appropriate curriculum incorporating the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes.
R.E. classes are designed primarily for children to enjoy, and to help them develop a sense of individual worth, a regard and respect for each person’s uniqueness, and a knowledge and reverence for the beauty and diversity in the world. In our classes we include material on ethics, values, nature, cultures, Judeo-Christian heritage, world religions, and Unitarian Universalist history.
If you want more information about the children’s R.E. program contact the R.E. director. They welcome the opportunity to discuss the curriculum and programs with you.

AUUF RE Mission Statement
The Religious Education Program of the AUUF is dedicated to fostering a sense of wholeness in our children and youth and enriching their spiritual lives as they explore faith traditions and religious and ethical questions within a supportive UU community. Guided by the AUUF Mission Statement and the UUA principles, and leading by example, those involved with the RE program empower young people to respect the inherent worth and dignity of themselves and others, search for individual spiritual meaning, make responsible decisions, and understand what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist in a world of religious diversity. We strengthen the bonds between AUUF young people and adults, and help our children and youth understand the importance of working with the larger community to care for the earth and to bring about a safe and just world.

RE Calendar 2016-2017
9- Community Game Night (School supplies donations for Loachapoka)
11- RE Oriented Service; Teacher Dedication and Sundae Sunday
18- Pinwheels for Peace RE for All Ages
25- First day of RE, Class Photos

2- Welcome Minister Pam RE Class
9- Potluck and Board Meeting
14- CGN (Holiday Helping Boxes food donations)
15- RE Overnight
16- Pancake Breakfast serving from 8:30-9:15 RE Class
23- Camp Hill Homecoming Combined RE Class
30- RE Class

6- RE Class
11- CGN (Holiday Helping Boxes food donations)
13- Potluck and Board Meeting
19- Kids make bread for Bread Communion
20- Bread Communion Combined RE Class
27- First Advent “Hope” & Cookie Decorating RE for All Ages

2- Auction
3- Habitat for Humanity Cookie Walk
4- Second Advent “Peace” RE Class
9- CGN Canceled
11- Third Advent “Joy” Potluck and Board Meeting
18- Fourth Advent “Love” Combined RE
24- Christmas Eve Service
25- Christmas Day Combined RE

1- New Year’s Day Combined RE
8- Potluck and Board Meeting
13- CGN (Humane Society donations)
15- RE Class (kids plan Teacher Appreciation gifts)
22- RE Class
29- Valentine Making RE for All Ages

5- Valentines for Sale RE Class
10- CGN (Humane Society donations)
12- Potluck and Board Meeting Kids Deliver Valentines
19- RE Class
26- RE Class

5- RE Class
10- CGN (Backpack program food donations)
12- Potluck and Board Meeting
19- RE Class
26- RE Class

2- Flower Making Combined RE
9- Potluck and Board Meeting
14- CGN (Backpack program food donations)
15- Teens hide eggs
16- Flower Communion Co-op Egg Hunt Combined RE
23- Last RE Class Class Photos
30- Practice for the RE Service Combined RE

7- RE Service
12- CGN (ACHR donations
14- Mother’s Day Potluck and Board Meeting
21- RE Picnic