As of February 2011, the official AUUF listserv address is (only subscribers to the list can send email to the list)

The purpose of this listserv is to foster connections between AUUF members and friends through the sharing of information and updates regarding Fellowship activities and community outreach, with occasional postings of a more personal nature, as well as brief discussions about an important social or environmental issue. Other forums are available for more in-depth discussions and affinity groups.
When considering posts please be mindful of our UU Principles and AUUF Mission Statement. Specifically: Be polite. This is not a forum for grievances, profanity or personal attacks on individuals and/or groups. Be respectful of other participants’ time. Messages posted to the listserv should be for the benefit of the entire group, rather than one specific participant. Personal, or “me too”, messages should be addressed to individual participants, not posted to the listserv. NOTE: the AUUF listserv is automatically configured to reply only to the original sender.
Out of consideration for its subscribers, the AUUF reserves the right to suspend or remove anyone from the listserv who consistently misuses the listserv.

Other venues for communicating with the larger community are also available.
There is a Facebook Page for the AUUF:


Fill out the email address and name information on the Subscribe to Connect section at to subscribe to our listserv. Shortly sfter submitting your email and name information on the web page, you will receive a confirmation message to your subscribbed email address asking that your confirm that you actually desire to sign up for the listserv. The email is from, check your junk mail folder if you do not receive it within 10 minutes. There is a link in the email message to click to confirm.

Published February 2011; Updated July 2012