Soapbox Sunday

Soapbox Sunday is a grand old AUUF tradition. You come to the microphone, and 3 minutes later you return to your seat. What happens during those three minutes? That’s up to you! You might talk about your dad, or about being a dad (June 18 is Fathers’ Day). It’s highly unlikely – almost in the realm of the hypothetical – but a politician may have said or done something you don’t agree with. Tell us (calmly) the nature of your objection. Offer a solution. Sing a song you wrote. Sing any song whether you wrote it or not. Tell us about an electrician who came to your house and did great work. Define God (3 minutes!!). Comment on the AUUF. Comment on someone else’s comment.

Andy Warhol said everyone will be worldfamous for fifteen minutes. This Sunday, you can be AUUF-famous for three. Go for it!