The Men’s Service

Omen. Oh, men. Oh maaaaannnn!! Man o’ war. Manicotti. Mandalay. Delay. De lay of de land. Landed gentry. Gents try. Try try again. If at first you don’t succeed. Suck seeds. Nothing sucks seeds. Nothing succeeds like excess. Excess baggage. Baggage cart. Cartagena. Cart hay? Nah. Hay fever. Heinous crime. Heinous rhyme. Of the Ancient Mariner. Marryin’ her? Sure am. Am I? Miami. Miami five oh. Hawaii? I’m fine, thanks. Thanks be. Thank the bees. Thanksgiving. Giving up. Up. On the up and up. Up and at ‘em. Adam. Adam Ant. Adamant. Add a man. Add more men. Stir.
Men’s Service.