Speaker: Rev. Marti Keller

Sparking Joy?

A look at a movement sweeping the world urging us to reject messiness and tidy up for happiness. Is it really so? 

The Moral Basis of Democracy

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a little book in 1940 laying out her commitment to a thoughtful, committed, and diverse American community. “It seems to me we have to take account of just what our condition is, how much Democracy we have, and how much we want … read more.

Calling All Midwives (We Are All Midwives)

Viewers of the popular PBS Sunday evening British TV show”Call the Midwife” know that the characters are both midwives by the most traditional definition – people trained to help deliver babies – and midwives of birthing larger social change in the poorest neighborhood of post … read more.

Why Go to the Movies?

There are so many ways to look at anything, and movies are powerful jumping off points for gaining perspective and understanding. Member Terry Rodriguez won this sermon at the annual AUUF auction, and Rev. Keller has accepted the thematic challenge.

Word of the Month

This is the 2nd in a monthly series of talks about words that were selected as popular/imporant in 2018.  And important to UUs.  Hints:  Think of one of our 7 principles, Stephen Colbert, and the last presidential election.

King’s God

The annual MLK holiday has come and gone, but King’s prophetic spirit remains with us always. A look at the world view of this human rights leader, and its resonances in our own faith tradition.