Rev. Pam Gehrke

Dancing in the Streets

Among the basic human emotions, happiness is the one we actively pursue. We explore the spiritual dimension of happiness and consider ways of promoting and nurturing private contentment and collective joy.

Pilgrimage to Manzanar

Reflections on a visit to Manzanar National Historic Site, commemorating the incarceration of some 10,000 people of Japanese Ancestry from 1942-45. What wisdom emerges from this particular journey?

Invitation to Love

Sundae Sunday Reflections on ways of deepening the sense of belonging, of which we are all worthy: an exploration of the many opportunities to participate in the life of the Fellowship.

Sympathy for the Devil

Given the principle of the “inherent worth and dignity of every person” and our theological ancestry in the doctrine of universal salvation, how might we understand the mystery of evil, the will to do harm, and the desire to cause suffering?

Taking Action for Growth

Insights brought back from UUA General Assembly, June 21-25 in New Orleans. Food Bank Collection – Giving of the Plate(Earthjustice) – Potluck – Board Meeting

Praying with Legs

A reflection on the life and thought of Frederick Douglass, who spoke in 1852 on “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro.

Walking the Walk

How the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism inform our work for the many social justice causes we care about.

The Architecture of Happiness

  Reflections on how the character and quality of our surroundings influence our thinking, our relationships, our behavior, and our well being.

The Mother’s Day Proclamation

  Giving of the Plate (Alabama Rural Ministry)—Potluck Honoring the art and activism of Unitarian feminist poet and author Julia Ward Howe in the context of what was happening in the world in her time (1819-1910).