January 2022 COVID-19 Update

The Regathering Team and the Board of Trustees have been monitoring the COVID situation. We have done our best to be science led and purpose driven. I want to let you know that our decisions are being made with the welfare of the congregation in mind and are not being made lightly.

If you have been keeping up with the COVID situation you know that the cases per 100k has more than doubled in Alabama in the last five days and is higher than it has ever been. Lee County is in the thick of it. COVID is already directly impacting our Fellowship; the math with the Omicron variant is tricky: it has half the mortality rate but is almost six times as infectious.

With this in mind, the AUUF is pivoting to online Zoom services again starting on Sunday,  January 9th. As planned at the moment, we will remain on Zoom through January 30th. The Zoom link for our Sunday Services will remain the same:


On Tuesday January 18th, the Regathering Team and the Board will meet again and re-evaluate the situation to determine when resuming in person gatherings appears safe and feasible.

Tomorrow, at 6 pm Central, I will be in my Zoom room, If anyone would like to come by for tea or coffee, or just to discuss the matter, the link is:

Also, since outdoor gatherings are still deemed safe, on January 16th we are having a tailgate coffee hour at the Church starting at 11:15 AM, BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee).

If we have learned anything from the last two years it is that this is the time to connect and engage. We can and will make it through this again not as a matter of faith but as a matter of willpower and determination.

In Oneness,

CJ Marbutt