Second Hour is one of our adult religious education programs. Second Hours occur almost immediately following the Sunday Service, at 11:15 am, and feature a wide variety of programs for adults put on by members and friends of AUUF. Past Second Hour programs have included article discussions, lectures, book groups, question and answer sessions with guest speakers, and group viewings of theologically significant films and television shows.

Second Hours generally last an hour, unless otherwise stated. For current second hour offerings, see our fellowship calendar.

If you would like to lead a Second Hour, contact Chris Basgier at, or fill out this form. Second hours can take place in a single week or multiple weeks, but sessions should last no more than an hour, ending at 12:15 (the same time as youth RE). Anyone can propose any topic so long as it 1) fits with one or more of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles and/or the AUUF mission statement, and 2) it is not political activity benefiting a particular candidate or political party.