Nominating Committee Report

Most all of our committee chairs would like to step down or step back for this upcoming fiscal year. I would like for anyone who has any interest in any of these committee chair positions to contact anyone of the nominating committee members to let us know or ask about what duties are involved with the different tasks. You may also contact the person who currently is listed in that position, to ask questions about the duties. 

Current Committee Chairs: 

  • Grounds: Noriko Aoi (would like co-chair or replacement chair) 
  • Communications: Becki Retzlaff 
  • Congregational Support: Emily & Perter Livant co-chairs (need 2) 
  • Green Sanctuary: Jan Newton 
  • Membership (2 Co-chairs): Angie Hodges 
  • RE: Ayesha Alam 
  • Social Action: Billy Welburn & Jim Bradley 
  • Sunday Services: Amy Kaiser and Robert Zabawa 
  • Nominating (2-year term): Laura Kloberg and Jason Pratt 

o Nominating (1-year term): Terry Rodriguez 

We have all Officers Identified except: 

o 1-year Term Trustee to replace Kristen Starr 

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact somebody from the nominating committee: 

  • Jason Pratt, chair: 
  • Laura Kloberg: 
  • Terry Rodriguez: 

Submitted by: Laura Kloberg