Outdoor Small Groups Now Meeting at AUUF

As the Pandemic has dragged on and on, we have done our best to be science-lead, prioritizing your safety and wellbeing. Thank you for your patience and your grace in what has been a trying time for us all.

Continuing to trust the science, such as the data from https://covidactnow.org/, brings us to a new milestone: the AUUF grounds are now available for small groups to use our outdoor space. Social distancing does remain in place, masks are recommended but not required with group consent.

We are asking any such small group to use the restroom in the basement of the Busch Center which is conveniently located to the backyard of the Busch Center. If your group wishes to use the space, please contact Zenda @ office@auuf.org or click here to list your group at AUUF.

In Oneness,
CJ Marbutt
President, Board of Trustees