What does it mean to hear the wren’s song? WrenTo truly listen to the song as though hearing the voice of a friend, a companion, kin? To respond from the heart with gratitude and a sense of shared joy? What if your day was filled with small moments of communion with all the forms of life around you as each goes about its business in its own way, sharing with you these moments of insight and companionship?

WrenSongWrenSong is a year-long experiential program designed to foster an authentic, modern natural spirituality built upon first person experience of the natural world. It is a small group for adults that meets approximately twice a month throughout the year. Gatherings are planned in advance for each season to accommodate everyone’s schedule and members agree to participate barring illness or unforeseen circumstance. Our gatherings include such activities as nature walks, field trips, family outings, working with natural materials, sharing seasonal dinners.

gatorFor more information, contact Sharon Roberts (boomer1220@gmail.com).