Speaker: Lay Led

Choir Service

The theme for this year’s service is “Home”.  Come hear quotes from choir members themselves on what home means to each of us.

Music & Poetry

Members of the congregation will be providing their gifts of music and/or poetry.

Pass-Around Stories

Working together can be fun. In small groups, we will each contribute a sentence that helps finish a story that begins with, “A funny thing happened on the way to the Fellowship.”

The Spirituality of Summer Jobs

Adults sometimes wax nostalgic to the days of summer jobs. Let’s tell of those days of yore, of lessons learned,beyond the financial, and of how these efforts influenced us as a part of who we are. Come prepared to share!

Just UU’s Begin Early

This year’s RE program included experiences demonstrating the concept of justice. The children and youth of AUUF will share some of those during our annual RE service.