Speaker: Sunday Services Committee


Ingathering is an annual service that celebrates the beginning of a new year at AUUF. During our summer travels (or our summer staying home) we each collect some water that represents the events of our lives. We decorate an altar with a large container, river rocks, … read more.

Cool Your Heels!

Just a reminder that this Sunday is the third annual “Cool Your Heels” service. Now someone asked if this was an “informal” service. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a REAL service just as much as sitting back and enjoying life … read more.

Love Conquers All

In the service, we will start a celebration of love for the month of June. June has many celebrations and commemorations but the essence is love. Let us come together and celebrate love.

Love Beyond Romance

Valentine’s Day is so often associated with romantic love, typically in a monogamous, often straight, relationship. In this service, we will expand our notion of love to include not only traditional romantic love, but queer love, love of pets, love of places, spiritual love, even … read more.

Christmas Fellowhip

All are welcome to an informal gathering to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Instead of a formal service, AUUF members and friends will enjoy a potluck meal, friendly conversation, and holiday music. Come enjoy one another’s fellowship on this special day!

Bread Communion

Our annual bread communion service is an opportunity to not only share your special bread item, but also stories related to this sustenance.  Join together for this special and long enjoyed tradition.