Speaker: Sunday Services Committee

Futures for Unitarian Universalism

What role should Unitarian Universalism play in America in the coming years? In our last all-virtual service, join us in looking toward the future. We will listen to a reading of Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell’s sermon, “Re-Imagining the American Dream.’ She writes, “This is one of those … read more.

Our UU Journeys

One might think a Unitarian Universalist congregation inspired whoever first uttered the phrase “variety is the spice of life”! UUs come from all creeds and backgrounds. Our values and principles, rather than a set of prescribed rules, bring us together as a religious community. Every … read more.

Renew Your Spirit

Life can be tough, but what are you doing to renew your spirit? In this lay-led service, we won’t deny the tough times in life, but we will look at how renewing our spirits can bring joy into our lives and help us get through … read more.

We are Worthy Simply Because We Exist

Unitarian Universalism affirms the inherent worth and dignity of every person as our first principle.  In this lay led service, the first of our Touchstones theme-based ministry services, we will examine what it means to have worth and dignity and celebrate and affirm the worthiness … read more.