Speaker: Sunday Services Committee

Day of Remembrance

It has been said that, “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”   The Day of Remembrance service is an opportunity to share your treasures, tell your stories, and reflect on memories. We will honor those from our AUUF community, whose names adorn our … read more.

Awakening to the World

Over the course of our lives, we may find ourselves awakening to all kinds of experiences and knowledges. We may have a spiritual awakening. We may awaken to new realizations about loved ones, friends, or enemies. We may experience the “aha” moment of awakening to … read more.

Back to School

Late August means a good number of folks in the Auburn-Opelika area are back to school again. For some, its a time of excitement, for others, angst. Come join AUUF as we share our memories of schooling–good, bad, and ugly–and reflect on how those memories … read more.

Bring Your Own Philosophy

We are a congregation of philosophers, albeit many of us amateur. AUUF services rarely center around doctrine, but don’t you ever wonder about other’s beliefs, or what others think about the practice of believing? This is a chance to get up and tell everyone what … read more.

Recipe Roundtable

Aunt Katie’s sour cream coffee cake was a family favorite on holiday mornings. Mom always got the yellowed, perfectly-penned recipe card out of her box before she began cooking. Every now and then a drop of batter would get on the recipe card, leaving a … read more.

Cool Your Heels

News headlines got you down? Want to go to the beach, but those darn gas prices are holding you back? Rising temperatures lulling you into a sense of ennui? Well, we have got the cure for you. Come to our second annual Cool Your Heels … read more.

AUUF Picnic

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! Come on down to the backyard of the Busch Center to share food, fellowship, and fun in the sun. It’s the first AUUF picnic of the summer! Bring yourself, your family or guests, and a dish to share. Also, … read more.