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January 2023 Touchstones: Wintering

Our January Touchstones theme is “Wintering.” Wintering is the process of navigating winter, a season that is, in many ways, a time of regeneration. Of course, there is the external season, but there is an internal season that also requires wintering skills. And, … read more.

December 2022 Touchstones: Joy

Our December Touchstones theme is “Joy.” We certainly know joy when we feel it, but it is challenging to capture its essence in words. Joy and happiness are often considered as synonyms in popular culture and literature, which adds to the confusion. America’s Declaration of … read more.

November 2022 Touchstones: Remembrance

Our November Touchstones theme is “Remembrance.” What comes to your mind unbidden? What involuntary, autobiographical memories emerge because of cues encountered in everyday life that evoke recollections of the past without conscious effort? Cues that are triggered by sensory experiences such as sights, sounds, and … read more.

October 2022 Touchstones: Awe

Our October Touchstones theme is “Awe.” Consider walking the Trail of 100 Giants in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, standing at Mather Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, looking up from the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls as 600,000 gallons … read more.