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June 2023 Touchstones: Ritual

Our June Touchstones theme is “Ritual.” Ritual preserves and renews tradition, conveys values, makes meaning, draws on deep springs, evokes feelings, goes beyond words, connects past and future in the present, and gives cause for hope. It can both contribute to and symbolize regeneration. Walter … read more.

Reconciliation to the World

I’ve recently been reading that psychologists and social scientists believe people who hold rigid and fundamentalist beliefs, whatever they are, do so because they feel a lack of control in their lives and, by extension, the larger world. The world is scary; sometimes, as a … read more.

May 2023 Touchstones: Reconciliation

Our May Touchstones theme is “Reconciliation.” Conciliation is a word that is rarely used. Its Latin root refers to “a connection, union, or bond.” It is an act of overcoming jealousy or suspicion to gain favor or goodwill. By contrast, the word reconciliation is common. … read more.

Grief as Teacher

The sadness felt palpable, hitting me when I didn’t expect it. I had never really experienced the death of a close loved one before my mother so I’m not sure I really knew what to expect. Ironically, I had shepherded others through the pain of … read more.

April 2023 Touchstones: Grief

Our April Touchstones theme is “Grief.” While many do not want to explore grief, people may experience grief with few resources and little wisdom. Myths about grief and messages that discount the experience of grief can be harmful. These include: “You should be over this … read more.

March 2023 Touchstones: Trust

Our March Touchstones theme is “Trust.” As Martin Buber wrote, human beings are promise-making, promise-keeping, promise-breaking, and promise-renewing creatures. We evoke trust, fulfill it, betray it, and then seek to make amends. The making of amends is regeneration. It encourages us to take the risk … read more.