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September 2021 Touchstones Theme: Reason

Reason has been a valued part of our religious tradition since it began in the Reformation. Unitarian historian Earl Morse Wilbur wrote, while Unitarianism has often been understood “as a movement or a sect characterized primarily by certain beliefs about the being of God and … read more.

August 2021 Touchstones Theme: Communion

Our August Touchstones theme is “Communion.” Communion is a powerful word and a powerful concept, but many of us dismiss it because of the symbolism of the Christian ritual of Communion, especially given the Catholic Church teaching of transubstantiation in which the bread and the … read more.

On the Pandemic and Regathering

Hello, all,

The last year and a half has been a difficult time for our world. Like many congregations and houses of worship, here at AUUF, we found ourselves closing our buildings due to the threat from the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world. Even as … read more.

Outdoor Small Groups Now Meeting at AUUF

As the Pandemic has dragged on and on, we have done our best to be science-lead, prioritizing your safety and wellbeing. Thank you for your patience and your grace in what has been a trying time for us all.

Continuing to trust the science, such as … read more.

May 2021 Touchstones Theme: “Acceptance”

Our May Touchstones theme is “Acceptance.” The word “accept” comes from the Old French and means to “take what is offered.” The Latin root acceptare means to “take or receive willingly.” Acceptance involves give and take, both literally (e.g., I offer acceptance and you receive … read more.