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AUUF is Seeking a Director of Religious Exploration!

Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (AUUF) seeks a Director of Religious Exploration at our Auburn, Alabama campus for 20 hours per week starting in June, 2021 to:

Develop and support programming for the fellowship’s children and youth religious exploration program;To safely enhance the learning and fellowship of … read more.

March 2021 Touchstones Theme: “Respect”

Our March Touchstones theme is “Respect.” Our religious journey to respect has, in some ways, been slow. Tolerance has been a core religious value for us since 1557. Yet, Unitarian Universalist minister Forrest Church wrote in a sermon in 1998, “Acceptance trumps tolerance.” In another … read more.

February 2021 Touchstones Theme: “Mercy”

Our February Touchstones theme is “Mercy.” It is hidden. The “it” is mercy. It is hidden within our second principle in which we affirm “justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.” Mercy is implicit rather than explicit. It occupies the space between equity and compassion. … read more.

Religious Exploration Announcement!

For the past month, your DRE Search team (Rev. Chris Rothbauer, Sally McCreary, and Emily Graff) have been working hard, consulting with regional staff and the Board, thinking about what we wanted in the next leader of our children and youth religious exploration program. It … read more.