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I Get Knocked Down, I Get Up Again

I once read an article that talked about animal behavior when they feel threatened. For many, when they don’t feel like there’s anything more they can do to protect themselves, when flight and fight fails, they lay down in a protective position in the hopes … read more.

February 2023 Touchstones: Resilience

Our February Touchstones theme is “Resilience.” Resilience is the capacity to deal with adversity, trauma, stress, significant change, and other challenging life experiences, including illness, job loss, heartbreak, family problems, financial worries, the death of a loved one, natural disasters, etc. Resilience is not innate. … read more.

Finding Meaning in the New Year

Happy New Year!

It’s funny when you think about it that humans celebrate the revolution of the planet. Really, the new year is an arbitrary point on our calendar chosen for the convivence of ancient people. Many other cultures celebrate on a different date or a … read more.

January 2023 Touchstones: Wintering

Our January Touchstones theme is “Wintering.” Wintering is the process of navigating winter, a season that is, in many ways, a time of regeneration. Of course, there is the external season, but there is an internal season that also requires wintering skills. And, … read more.

December 2022 Touchstones: Joy

Our December Touchstones theme is “Joy.” We certainly know joy when we feel it, but it is challenging to capture its essence in words. Joy and happiness are often considered as synonyms in popular culture and literature, which adds to the confusion. America’s Declaration of … read more.