March 2023 Touchstones: Trust

Our March Touchstones theme is “Trust.” As Martin Buber wrote, human beings are promise-making, promise-keeping, promise-breaking, and promise-renewing creatures. We evoke trust, fulfill it, betray it, and then seek to make amends. The making of amends is regeneration. It encourages us to take the risk of trust again, which is always risky business. Still, we are wise to trust the process that renews both promises and trust. However difficult trusting can be, perpetual distrust is a wasteland where Spring never comes and hope never blooms.

Join us during the month of March as we explore the theme of Trust!

Exploring Trust


Touchstones Journal


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Ways to Engage Trust

  • Theme Services:
  • Second Hours will focus on Trust throughout the month.
  • Covenant Groups will be discussing the theme at our meetings this month.
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