May 2023 Touchstones: Reconciliation

Our May Touchstones theme is “Reconciliation.” Conciliation is a word that is rarely used. Its Latin root refers to “a connection, union, or bond.” It is an act of overcoming jealousy or suspicion to gain favor or goodwill. By contrast, the word reconciliation is common. The difference is the prefix “re,” which has the sense of doing something again. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Humpty Dumpty takes a tumble. Relationships come apart at the seams. Sisyphus’s boulder rolls down the hill again. A house divided falls. And more, so we must work to restore, repair, redo, and renew. The “re” is important, daunting work.

Join us during the month of May as we explore the theme of Reconciliation!

Exploring Reconciliation


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Ways to Engage Reconciliation

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