January 2023 Touchstones: Wintering

Our January Touchstones theme is “Wintering.” Wintering is the process of navigating winter, a season that is, in many ways, a time of regeneration. Of course, there is the external season, but there is an internal season that also requires wintering skills. And, there are individual differences, as Martin Marty noted when he contrasted a summery spirituality with a wintry spirituality. For some, winter pushes them outdoors, while it pulls others indoors. For both, regeneration is an essential process whether by the exhilaration of downhill skiing or the contentment of drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace. No two winters are alike, nor two winterings, which is why Katherine May writes, “you’ll find wisdom in your winter, and once it’s over, it’s your responsibility to pass it on.”

Join us during the month of January as we explore the theme of Wintering!

Exploring Wintering


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Ways to Engage Wintering

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