Religious Exploration

During this time of great health concern, I’m encouraged at the commitment held by most to remember others. In the small things like honoring the practice of social isolation and social distancing to remembering those with less by sharing our extra. These practices during these troubled times is an example of us living our UU Principles or Promises for the Spirit Play families. RE is working on providing opportunities for other ways to practice our Principles/Promises, ways to stay connected and share ideas, ideas and good practices. RE will continue for our students just be patient as we work out bugs. Please keep me informed of any troubles you may encounter during this transition. 

I must share with you my personal perspective on this situation. We are truly being given an opportunity to focus on those things most important in life, our families. Believe me when I say there is nothing more important, crucial or of any higher priority right now than taking this moment to let your children and loved ones know just how much you love them and are grateful they are in your lives. Do this and follow it up with action. You really do have more patience than you think…it’s buried under the love you feel. So dive deep and surface from this time stronger as a family. Be full of love for each other because you took the time to have an enjoyable picnic in the backyard instead of anything else. 

Julie Meadows, Director of Religious Exploration