September 2020 Touchstones Theme: “Worth & Dignity”

Text of Image: Through much of history, the value of the individual has been negligible. This has led to disastrous outcomes. Our assertion of the inherent worth and dignity of every person leads to a very different calculus in how we treat each other, including those with whom we strongly disagree, the stranger, and even our enemy. This assertion can evoke mutual respect and compassion.

Our first principle affirms “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” This principal affirms the amazing reality that we call life. To be alive and to savor existence on this planet is the most incredible thing that we will ever experience. Love, success, and all the other possibilities are secondary to simply being alive. This principle also reflects the hopes that we have for the unfolding of the incredible potential of each person, as well as our collective aspiration for the good life in which everybody can participate and share.

Join us during the month of September as we explore what it means to affirm the worth and dignity of all people.

Exploring Worth & Dignity

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Touchstones Journal

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Ways to Engage Worth and Dignity This Month