September 2021 Touchstones Theme: Reason

Reason has been a valued part of our religious tradition since it began in the Reformation. Unitarian historian Earl Morse Wilbur wrote, while Unitarianism has often been understood “as a movement or a sect characterized primarily by certain beliefs about the being of God and the person of Christ,” it was not fundamentally a movement that was doctrinally driven since its adherents have varied widely in their opinion on a wide range of doctrines. Wilbur concluded that Unitarianism was characterized by three leading principles: “first, complete mental freedom in religion rather than bondage to creeds or confessions; second, the unrestricted us of reason in religion, rather than reliance upon external authority of past tradition; third, generous tolerance of differing religious views and usages rather than insistence upon uniformity in doctrine, worship, or polity. Freedom, reason, and tolerance….”

Join us during the month of September as we explore the theme of Reason!

Exploring Reason

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Ways to Engage Reason