September 2022 Touchstones: Awakening

Our September Touchstones theme is “Awakening.” So, here’s the deal. You are born. You take your first breath, gasping like a fish out of water, which, in a sense, you are. Everything sounds strange now because noise travels through air instead of the amniotic fluid of the womb. They lay you down in your mother’s arms, and you look up. The problem is that the lights are blinding, your eyes don’t focus, and your brain can’t make sense out of anything your eyes see. Welcome. Your journey has begun.

Join us during the month of September as we explore the theme of Awakening!

Exploring Awakening


Touchstones Journal


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Ways to Engage Awakening

  • Second Hours will focus on Awakening throughout the month.
  • Covenant Groups will be discussing the theme at our meetings this month.
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