Speaker: Chris Basgier

The Poetic Spirit

Poetry enters our lives in those moments when the everyday, the analytical, and the pragmatic fail us. Both the reading and the writing of poetry can be life-sustaining, especially in the face of the multiple, overlapping tragedies that make up our present age. Come join AUUF members and friends as we share poetry that nourishes … Continue reading The Poetic Spirit

The Gift Service

Bring your gifts to AUUF! In this casual, post-Christmas service, we invite members and friends to share anything gift-related. Tell us about the best gift you received this year–or any year! What organizations will get your gifts of time, money, or material items this year, and why? Come read a favorite poem as a gift … Continue reading The Gift Service

Coming Out on the Other Side

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our world upside down. Now that it seems to be turning for the better, many people are excited to return to normal. Before we do so, we should pause and reflect on what we have learned from our experiences during the pandemic. Many of us experienced deep suffering, while others experienced … Continue reading Coming Out on the Other Side

Stories of Our Fathers

Father’s Day, started in the US in the early 20th century, has historically been celebrated on the level of the personal father, the father who may or may not be present in our lives but with whom we have a close family and sometimes biological connection. For many of us, our personal father profoundly shapes … Continue reading Stories of Our Fathers

Letters of Mercy

At one time or another, each of us has shown mercy, or been shown mercy. As a spiritual practice, writing can help us deepen our understanding of mercies given and mercies received. In our second annual Writing Service, we’ll write “letters of mercy,” showing gratitude for mercies of the past or extending mercy on those … Continue reading Letters of Mercy