Speaker: Matt Aspin

Reclaiming Our Losses

Year after year, Memorial Day is set aside to honor those that have been lost to the tragedy of our endless cycle of wars. Do we really have to accept that this reality is inevitable?

Flow with the Changes

It has been said that, “Nothing is constant but change” This reality can be hard for beings that are hard-wired to seek the safety and comfort of consistency. How might we reconcile this ever-present juxtaposition?

Fire Communion

As eager as we all may be to put the past year behind us, our efforts to bring forth brighter days risk being held down by the anchors of regret if try to move forward without consciously releasing any and all hurts that still have … read more.

A Kind Intention

2020 has presented some unprecedented challenges and created great anxiety amongst many as we begin to anticipate what the next year might hold. Could adopting a single, small, shared intention really be enough to help us turn the tide and restore a sense of control … read more.