Speaker: Rev. Chris Rothbauer

Rev. Chris Rothbauer is the second settled minister at Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Sometimes It’s Not Nice to Be Nice

Niceness culture teaches that the moral way is to always be nice to everyone, no matter the context. In this service, Rev. Chris will examine why niceness is not always a Unitarian Universalist value and suggest more covenantal ways of being together.

The Meaning of Beauty: An Imbolc Service

Imbolc is an honoring of the Celtic Goddess Briget and the Christian Saint Brigid, who was renowned as a patron of beauty. Beauty tends to be thought of as a superficial, subjective quality, but what if true beauty can remind us of what is important in the world?

Redefining Unitarian Universalism for a New Generation

Recently, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Article II Commission released a proposal to replace our principles with a list of shared values. Whatever your feelings about these changes, it presents an opportunity to re-vision our faith for a new generation. In this service, we’ll examine the proposed changes and how participating in this process is core … Continue reading Redefining Unitarian Universalism for a New Generation

Keep Alive the Dream

Howard Thurman once said, “Keep alive the dream; for as long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living.” In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we’ll examine how one keeps alive the dream in times of despair and how our actions can contribute to the … Continue reading Keep Alive the Dream

When Joy is Hard to Find: A Blue Christmas Service

Don’t feel like being joyful this holiday season? In our annual Blue Christmas service, we’ll hold space for all emotions. If the holiday season is a difficult one for you, come and be with others who understand this pain. No enforced joyfulness here!

The World As Gift: Finding Joy in Being Together

In contrast to our dominant market economy, many cultures have traditionally existed as egalitarian gift economies where the world, and its associated responsibilities, belong to everyone. In this service, Rev. Chris will examine whether this model could help us find joy in the everyday act of living.