Speaker: Rev. Chris Rothbauer

Rev. Chris Rothbauer is the second settled minister at Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Happiness Shared: A Flower Communion

Every year we share flowers among ourselves as a symbol of our shared community. In our annual Flower Communion Service, we’ll examine how this sort of symbolic act can remind us that true joy is contagious.

Learning to Love, Learning to Grieve

Queen Elizabeth II once pointed out, “Grief is the price we pay for love.” But what is the point of loving if we’re eventually going to grieve? In this service, we’ll examine grief and love as corollaries and why we need each in our lives.

The Promises We Make to One Another

Covenant is more than a buzzword or a set of rules or expectations; in Unitarian Universalism, it’s foundational to the way we create religious community. In this service, we’ll examine the history of covenant within Unitarian Universalism and how covenant acts as the glue that … read more.

Sometimes It’s Not Nice to Be Nice

Niceness culture teaches that the moral way is to always be nice to everyone, no matter the context. In this service, Rev. Chris will examine why niceness is not always a Unitarian Universalist value and suggest more covenantal ways of being together.