The tweens/teens class is one really cool place to be. There is fun to be had, tasty snacks to be eaten, and UU understandings to be discovered through engagement in community-related service projects.  Below are a few of the comments about last year’s class from some of the students and their advisors.

Youth comments

  • In the “Peace Train”, we have so far gone on four Alabama Water Watch trips. I’m pretty sure we got our name from a song…. Out of coming to class every week, we get donuts and converse in intriguing conversations. But frankly, the donuts are the best part. We also all participate in “Gripes and Grins.” What’s great about this class is that we are all mature and we understand the problems of the world and then talk about it, which makes intriguing conversations.
  • Over all this year has been really fun and exciting! Though if I had to choose one thing I found genuinely fun and interesting I would have to say that going to Tuskegee National Forest for Water Watch every month. I enjoyed this the most because it gave me time to actually do something physical for a couple of hours. Though if I had to make one complaint about it is that I felt like when we are in Tuskegee we didn’t get enough time to just hang out and talk even after we finished Water Watch.
  • During this year I have had a lot of fun hiking and doing the Water Watch. I also enjoy doing gripes and grins in the morning to see how everyone’s week is going. My Favorite thing about RE is that it seems like you’re just hanging out with friends. Also the leaders are more like friends, not leaders.
  • RE has been a really great experience for me. My favorite part of RE is probably Water Watch. I really enjoy how we go out and test the water to see how polluted it is; plus playing games after we’re done is really fun. Sharing our gripes and grins is really great too. I’m so glad that I could be part of Teen RE this year.
  • My year in RE has been much like it is every year: An early morning sense of disdain owards going to church, then afterwards a slight feeling of accomplishment from participating. It’s not that I dislike the church or the religious education program; it’s just that like many other teens roped into going to their place of worship Sunday morning I can imagine one hundred things I’d rather be doing. With that being said, as a Unitarian Universalist I have it much better than the average church-goer. Get to wake up later, spend less time sitting around listening, and occasionally with varying frequency donuts are obtainable. Overall my year in RE(view) has been a positive one. I enjoy the community that I have grown up around and seen grow, and I value every moment I get to spend with such unique and caring individuals.

Advisor comments

  • What could be more fun than getting out in the wilderness, breathing fresh air, skipping rocks, getting lost, and helping improve the quality of Alabama’s water? And all with a great bunch of kids!
  • My favorite part of RE has been gathering as a group and talking about our lives. We mentionthe things that happen to us, and the things that do not happen. In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of this is to see how we tend to repeat the same gripes, which by the force of sharing with others become less onerous. We also tend to repeat the same grins, and grins are contagious. Doing all this frequently ensures that we co-participate in the transformation of our hearts, minds, and spirits.
  • I have really enjoyed watching the teens get to know each other, to test each other’s boundaries, to know when to push a little, and when to back off. It’s real life. What I also really appreciate is being with two extraordinary co-teachers, really great people who have such strengths to share with all of us! Thanks!

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