Unitarian Universalists recognize that religious exploration is a lifelong endeavor. People continue to grow, mature, and change physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually long after childhood and, as such, we need ways of helping facilitate development within us. The Adult Religious Exploration program at AUUF is designed to provide opportunities for adults to continue the journey they started as children and reach new heights.

Typical Adult RE offerings may include classes and workshops (both single and multiple session); book discussion groups; small-group ministry; and affinity groups. Past Adult RE offerings have included a wide-variety of spiritual, theological, philosophical, scientific, or social justice topics.

Some Adult RE offerings are facilitated by our minister, while others are offered by volunteers from AUUF and the wider community. Unless otherwise noted, all offerings are open to any member or friend of AUUF.

If you are interested in registering for an adult religious exploration offering, click here. If you have questions about our offerings, please contact Rev. Chris Rothbauer.

2022-2023 Adult Religious Exploration Offerings

Small Group Ministry

Covenant Groups (various facilitators, various dates and times, September to August): Covenant Groups are an opportunity to come together in a small group of ten or fewer people to explore spiritual, theological, and philosophical topics and how they fit in our lives. Using the materials from the Touchstones theme-based ministry program, participants will have the opportunity to come together monthly and share their thoughts on our monthly themes in a safe environment.

Group Spiritual Direction (Rev. Chris Rothbauer, tba, September to June): Group spiritual direction is a way of listening and reflecting with a community of fellow seekers on our encounters with the sacred, divine, God, the Gods, or our higher purpose or value(s), however we understand it, in everyday life. Over time, group direction has a transformational effect on who we are and how we understand our calling and purpose in the world. Participants will take turns exploring themes, topics, and concerns they’re noticing in their lives and receive feedback from both the facilitator and other members of the group.


Spirit in Practice (Rev. Chris Rothbauer, tba, September to June): Spirit in Practice was created to help Unitarian Universalists develop regular disciplines, or practices, of the spirit—practices that help them connect with the sacred ground of their being, however they understand it. Spirit in Practice affirms religious diversity while seeking unity in our communal quest for meaning and wholeness. Whether participants follow a path they identify as Humanist, Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Theist, Atheist, Agnostic, Mystic, and/or any of the other paths we follow in our diverse congregations, the Spirit in Practice workshops offer a forum for learning, sharing, and growth that can enrich their faith journeys.

The Shared Pulpit (Rev. Chris Rothbauer, tba, September to March): Have you wondered what it takes to put on a compelling Sunday service? How do you write a sermon based on your own life experience? How can you integrate readings and hymns to make it a truly moving experience? This workshop is based on Rev. Erika Hewitt’s book The Shared Pulpit, which proposes that everyone, minister or lay person, has a wealth of material already to create truly compelling Sunday Services. Participants will learn about the theory and praxis of Unitarian Universalist worship and reflect on how they can integrate their life experience to create a transformative Unitarian Universalist experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will have had the opportunity to create a service and receive feedback on it from other participants.