Speaker: Sylvia Rogers

If Mothers Rules the World

What if mothers ruled the world?  Some of the qualities that mothers possess are nourishing, caring, educating, disciplining, protecting, empowering, supporting, and managing.  In this interactive service, we will consider the qualities that mothers possess to discuss how problems could be solved.

The Art of Noticing

How observant are we? How much do we really know about each other? Let’s start 2023 off with some creative ways to be more aware of our environment and learn something about each other! In this Sunday Service Committee service, we will do some mindfulness … read more.

Father’s Day Service

This light-hearted service will focus on celebrating Father’s Day with laughter and fun! Members can share their favorite Dad Jokes! We will be celebrating all kinds of fathers and those who have a fathering role in someone’s life.

International Women’s Day Service

Women comprise half of the nearly 8 billion people in the world, but they are underrepresented in the historical record, in the arts, and in many professional fields. International Women‘s Day, declared by the United Nations in 1977, is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, … read more.

Fire Communion Service

Join us for our Fire Communion service as we say farewell to 2021! During the service, we will reflect on the joys, sorrows, changes, and transitions of the outgoing year in anticipation of the upcoming year. We will write down a phrase or some words … read more.

Independence Day and Unitarian Universalism

While jingoists, elaborate fireworks displays and pool parties may at times seem to dominate the modern July 4 holiday, revolutionary ideas form its heart. The Declaration of Independence in fact contains ideas which shaped Unitarian Universalism as well as our nation’s governing structure. Many of … read more.