Speaker: Sunday Services Committee

Poetry Sunday

Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toenails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone and not alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever … read more.

Harvesting as a Metaphor

Continuing our Garden- based theme for the summer, how do we gather? What are the fruits of our labor? What are the consequences of our efforts? A participatory service.

Robert Zabawa will preside.

Teach Your Children

RE Teacher Dedication 

Giving of the Plate (Auburn Day Care Centers)—Potluck—Board Meeting

To quote the UUA: “Religious education takes a lifetime. It happens both within and beyond a congregation’s walls.” How do we guide one another in religious questioning? How do we teach our children to be … read more.


Some people set goals, some people never think about it. How seriously do we take long-term and short-term goals. Do they help? Do they hinder? A participatory service.

Peter Livant will preside.

UU Film Festival

The big day! Debut of our very own AUUF 3-minute movies! Opinions will be voiced, praise will be offered, prizes will be awarded. Don’t miss it.