“Beyond Belief”

An exploration of the role of belief in shaping religious identity. How does belief function in Unitarian Universalism, which does not entail conformity to any creed or doctrine?

“The Endless Cycle of Divine Creation”

Dr. Ram Chandra Purohit will discuss aspects of Reincarnation. A major tenet of Hinduism is that the soul is eternal and part of a spiritual realm. Dr. Purohit is Professor Emeritus of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. He received his DVM degree in Rajasthan, India and his PhD from Auburn in 1974. … Continued

“Hunger for Heritage”

Giving of the Plate (Domestic Violence Intervention Center)—Potluck—Board Meeting Working to understand the past—personal as well as collective—grounds us in the present and brings clarity to our vision for the future. What does our heritage and history say about us as Unitarian Universalists?