Month: April 2020

Leaning into Uncertain Times

When Becki sent out her reminder last month about this upcoming newsletter, I originally envisioned that it would be full of information about the Medical Debt Forgiveness project and Installation Weekend. I was excited to convey to all of you how thrilled I was for … read more.

A Few Words from our President

Whoa! These are some CRAZY times we find ourselves in! COVID-19 is a game changer. It’s like playing a game with a child where the rules keep changing and you try to follow the new rules only to find that the rules have already changed … read more.

The Board at Work

We’re living in unusual times. The AUUF Board recognizes this as much as anyone. We’re used to meeting in the Busch Center and sharing snacks and conversation about fellowship matters. In March, for the first time ever, our monthly meeting was held completely remote via … read more.

I was, I am, I will be

On January 26th, we had a special Sunday service, our own Dr. Chris Basgier, Acting Director of University Writing at Auburn University, helped us examine how writing can be a way of connecting us to ways of being more fully human. Chris asked us to … read more.


The Board of Trustees of AUUF decided unanimously to adhere to the recommendations of both the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Centers for Disease Control to cancel all in-person events in an effort to “flatten the curve” and avoid spreading COVID-19 to our most vulnerable … read more.

Valentines Express!

In February, AUUF and the RE Program participated in the annual Valentines Express celebration. RE teachers, kids, and friends had a great time making valentines, selling them, and giving them away to cherished friends and loved ones. Thanks to all who participated!! 

April AUUF News

Installation Postponed Due to the restrictions of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Rev. Chris’s Installation has been postponed until the fall. A new date will be announced soon. 

Medical Debt Forgiveness Project Launch Postponed Due to the restrictions of social distancing to prevent the spread … read more.

Nominating Committee Report

Most all of our committee chairs would like to step down or step back for this upcoming fiscal year. I would like for anyone who has any interest in any of these committee chair positions to contact anyone of the nominating committee members to let … read more.

Canvass Report

I want to first thank everyone who canvassed folks and especially thank our canvassees who, I believe, were as generous as they could be. I have canvassed over 25 people and got to know a little bit more about some of them and their situations. … read more.

Religious Exploration

During this time of great health concern, I’m encouraged at the commitment held by most to remember others. In the small things like honoring the practice of social isolation and social distancing to remembering those with less by sharing our extra. These practices during these … read more.