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January 2022 COVID-19 Update

The Regathering Team and the Board of Trustees have been monitoring the COVID situation. We have done our best to be science led and purpose driven. I want to let you know that our decisions are being made with the welfare of the congregation in … read more.

AUUF Regathering Plan

At its November 16 meeting, the AUUF Board of Trustees approved a comprehensive regathering plan to help assess the precautions we need to take based on COVID-19 levels in Lee County. The risk levels are based on the risk level for Lee County, Alabama, as … read more.

On the Pandemic and Regathering

Hello, all,

The last year and a half has been a difficult time for our world. Like many congregations and houses of worship, here at AUUF, we found ourselves closing our buildings due to the threat from the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world. Even as … read more.

Outdoor Small Groups Now Meeting at AUUF

As the Pandemic has dragged on and on, we have done our best to be science-lead, prioritizing your safety and wellbeing. Thank you for your patience and your grace in what has been a trying time for us all.

Continuing to trust the science, such as … read more.

Important Update on AUUF’s Response to COVID-19


Over these last week, AUUF’s staff and leadership have been responding to the ever-changing landscape, making adjustments and plans to keep you and our community both safe and connected. Yesterday, the Unitarian Universalist Association released guidelines strongly recommending that all congregations immediately … read more.